Neuropathology for Neurologists - 2019

First Monday of the Month - 12:00-1:00 PM
Location: Room S751 Scaife Hall

Conference Description
Conference Evaluation Sheet

Date Neurology Presenter Neuropathology Presenter Lecture Title/Diagnosis
2019-12-02   Clayton Wiley   Histology Part 2 (Magical Stain Tests)
2019-11-04   Geoff Murdoch   Case Study (Neurodegen)
2019-10-07   Clayton Wiley   Histology Part 1
2019-08-05   Clayton Wiley View Presentation Vasculitis/Infarction
2019-05-06 Mike Isfort     Trauma
2019-04-01 Devin Burke     Vascular
2019-02-04   Clayton Wiley   RITE Review
2019-01-07 Steve Gangloff     Glial and Glioneuronal tumors