Neuropathology for Neurologists - 2015

First Monday of the Month - 12:00-1:00 PM
Location: Room S751 Scaife Hall

Conference Description
Conference Evaluation Sheet

Date Neurology Presenter Neuropathology Presenter Lecture Title/Diagnosis
2015-12-21 Thomas Shoemaker   View Presentation Pathology of demyelinating disease
2015-11-16 Kara Wyant   View Presentation Congenital malformations, perinatal diseases, and pharmatoses
2015-05-28 Andrew Levin   View Presentation Case Presentation: Vasculitis
2015-04-18     View Presentation Neuropathology and epilepsy: Neuronal migration defects; Hippocampal sclerosis
2015-03-16 Diana Mnatsakanova   View Presentation Case of a weak heart
2015-02-16     View Presentation Neurodegenerative Neuropath
2015-01-26 Robyn Massa   View Presentation CNS fungal infections
2015-01-10 Steven Factor   View Presentation
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Case Study: Metachromatic leukodystrophy, adult form