Neuropathology Consultation Services

The Division of Neuropathology has five full-time clinical neuropathologists on staff who are available for consultation on biopsies and autopsies as well as a neurologist with specialty training in muscle and nerve biopsy diagnosis.  We are also able to offer real time neuropathological expertise over Telepathology.

The Neuropathology Consultation Service offers comprehensive consultations on brain tumors, muscle and nerve diseases, dementias and neurodegenerative diseases, pediatric neuropathology and ophthalmic pathology.  Our laboratories are state-of-the-art facilities inspected by the College of American Pathologists and licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. All maintain rigorous quality assurance programs.

How to obtain a consultation:

Complete the Neuropathology Consultation Request Form and send the completed form along with slides (stained or unstained) and paraffin blocks to: 

UPMC Neuropathology Consult Services
Presbyterian University Hospital

Room S701 Scaife Hall
200 Lothrop Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: (412) 624-9415
Fax: (412) 624-5610

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Additional information which might also be included:

Patient demographics
Copies of previous surgical pathology reports
MRI and CT scans (or copies of the reports)
Clinical history, including previous treatment (especially radiation treatment)

Billing and Payment Information