Thursday Morning Neuropathology Conference

MSCMP 3730: Topics in Experimental Neuropathology
9:00 - 10:00 AM 
Room S751 Scaife Hall

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Updated: 10/19/21
YR 2021
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Clayton Wiley
Viral infections & dementia
Charleen Chu
Multiple roles for PINK1 in neuroprotection
Hilda Mirbaha (NP Fellowship Applicant)
Formation of seed-competent tau monomer precedes aggregation in vivo
Tom Pearce
How to train your computer: Promise and pitfalls of deep learning for histologic pattern recognition
Wen Zhong
Ependymal Tumors: Something Old and Something New
Marta Couce (Guest Speaker: Case Western - Martinez Lectureship)
C-IMPACT Now and the Practice of Blue Collar Neuropathology
Dan Marker
Paper: Integrated Proteogenomic Characterization across Major Histological Types of Pediatric Brain Cancer (PMID: 33242424) - Click here to download paper
Scott Kulich
Mismatch repair protein assessment in the era of immunotherapy.  Download Paper 1 and Paper 2.  Click here to join the meetingClick here to complete survey/evaluation.
Osorio Lopes Abath Neto
Medulloblastoma: review and updates
Qingde Wang & Clayton Wiley
An Animal Model of Aicardi-Gouiteres Syndrome
Clayton Wiley
 Viral infections of the brain: What every Neuropathologist needs to know
Kenneth Aldape (Guest Speaker: NIH - Martinez Lectureship)
DNA methylation to resolve diagnostically difficult CNS tumors and understand their microenvironment
Or Shemesh (Guest Speaker: Department of Neurobiology)
Studying Alzheimer's Disease at Biologically Relevant Resolutions
Clayton Wiley
Review of 2021 DSS cases
Devon Jackson (NP Fellowship Applicant)
Rare Neuropathologic Complication of Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia
Marwan Majeed (NP Fellowship Applicant)
Visual Field Deficit as Presenting Symptom for Non-Stroke Intracranial Disease: Low Threshold for Brain Imaging Is Necessary to Prevent or Minimize Irreversible Vision Loss
7/8/21 Sharika Rajan (NP Fellowship Applicant)
Epithelioid Glioblastoma and Pleomorphic Xanthoastrocytoma: Molecular classification of two morphologically similar glial neoplasms
7/15/21 Jeremy Rich (Guest Speaker: Department of Neurology) Killing Brain Tumor Stem Cells  
7/22/21 Shawn Sorrells & Chloe Page (Guest Speakers: Department of Neuroscience) Molecular and morphological heterogeneity of immature neurons within the human paralaminar amygdala  
7/29/21 Nabil Tabish (NP Fellowship Applicant) Studying the association between Appendectomy and Parkinson's Disease (PD) in a cohort with Essential tremor (ET)  
9/23/21 Adriana May (NP Fellowship Applicant) Anaplastic Transformation in Myxopapillary Ependymoma: A Report of 2 Cases  
10/14/21 Wen Zhong Overview of the 2021 WHO Classification of Tumors of the Central Nervous System  
10/21/21 Jan Drappatz & Megan Mantica (Neuro-Oncology) Neuroncology clinical trials and precision neuropathology  
10/28/21 Osorio Lopes Abath Neto    
11/4/21 Christi Kolarcik    
11/11/21 Cheyanne Cassidy (AP/NP Applicant)    
11/18/21 Kent Wang    
12/2/21 Bob Garman    
12/9/21 Tom Pearce    
12/16/21 Dan Marker    

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