Neuropathology for Neurologists

Mondays Monthly - 12:00-1:00 PM
By TEAMS Invitation

Overarching goal of conference: Acquaint neurology residents with utility of neuropathology in diagnosis, pathogenesis and treatment of neurological disease.

Individual conference goals are listed on the evaluation form.

Residents are required to complete a conference evaluation form and email that to Karen Weber ( to document their attendance.

Conferences will be recorded and available online.

Neuropathology Presenter
Lecture Topic (PowerPoint) Evaluation Form
Lecture (Video)
12/13/21 Charleen Chu Ophthalmic Pathology    
11/29/21 Tom Pearce Pediatric Neuropathology    
10/25/21 Dan Marker Non-Glial Tumors    
9/27/21 Scott Kulich Glial Tumors    
08-30-2021 Dan Marker & Clayton Wiley Intro to Histology    
06-07-2021 Not Scheduled      
05-03-2021 Tom Pearce Pediatric neuropathology    
04-05-2021 Dan Marker Strokes and hemorrhages    
03-01-2021 Clayton Wiley COVID and the brain   COVID and the brain
02-01-2021 Clayton Wiley RITE preparation   RITE preparation
01-04-2021 Julia Kofler Neurodegenerative Link to Evaluation Survey Neurodegenerative

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