American Association of Neuropathologists - 1965 Diagnostic Slide Session Cases

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Protocol Diagnosis & Discussion Virtual Slides Publication Citation
Chemodectoma of vagus nerve  
Neoplastic angioendotheliosis Strouth JC et al. Neurology. 1965 Jul;15:644-8
Ganglioneuroblastoma; Medulloblastic epithelioma  
DS-1965-04 Unilateral decussation of CST with all fibers on one side  
Multiple sclerosis with peripheral neuropathy  
? Subacute combined degeneration of spinal cord (dog) secondary to a) B12 b) something genetic  
Lichtheim plaques (cerebral manifestation of pernicious anemia)    
Demyelination associated with diabetes mellitus; mucormycosis    
DS-1965-09 Whipple's disease Lampert P et al. Neurology. 1962 Jan;12:65-71
Cytomegalic inclusion disease
DS-1965-11 Necrotizing encephalitis of unknown type    
DS-1965-12 Candida albicans & ischemic foci in white matter ? secondary to air embolism