American Association of Neuropathologists - 1962 Diagnostic Slide Session Cases

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Protocol Diagnosis & Discussion Virtual Slides Publication Citation
Krabbe's disease plus granulomatous foreign body giant cell lesion in lung  
Alexander's disease Herndon et el. JNEN 29:524, 1970 case 1-, p584
Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma Minckler-Pathology of te Nervous System, Vol 2 1971;p2155, Fig 160-13 7160-14. Rubinstein AAFIP Fascicle CNS Tumors, 1971, p200, Fig 214
DS-1962-04 Metastatic melanoma  
Acute multiple sclerosis superimposed on longstanding MS  
Wilm's tumor  
Cerebral emboli in lung  
Amyloid degeneration of vessels in paresis  
DS-1962-09 Granulomatous angiitis ? sarcoidosis  
Subependymal astrocytoma  
DS-1962-11 Retinal anlage tumor Gilmore, Mealey, J Neurosurg 36:507, 1972 (Table 1)
DS-1962-12 Ethylene glycol poisoning with oxalate crystals Linderberg Am Soc Clin Path (proceedings of the 27th seminar) 14, 1962 (case 2)
DS-1962-13 Lumbar dorsal root ganglion infiltrated with Hodgkin's granuloma  
DS-1962-14 Dermoid cysts of pons and medulla