14-3-3 CSF Processing Procedure

Specimens which require 14-3-3 testing should be sent to the

National Prion Disease Pathology Surveillance Center
Case Western Reserve University
2085 Adelbert Road, Room 419
Cleveland, OH 44106
Tel: 216-368-0587/Fax: 216-368-4090

Please click here for access to the Center's web site and protocols on sending cerebrospinal fluid and other samples. Please note the following important instructions:

  • The cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) should be obtained by lumbar puncture. The first 2 ml of CSF that flows from the tap should be discarded. Collect 2-5 ml of CSF, avoiding bloody tap.
  • The CSF should be frozen as quickly as possible (preferably within 20 minutes) and stored at -70oC freezer (or, lacking that, in a -20oC freezer) until shipment on dry ice.

The following is the link to the Test Request form that must be submitted with all samples to the Center: Printable HTML form

Any CSF samples on UPMC Presbyterian patients should be sent through UPMC Clinical Pathology.  Please contact Nancy Longo by email at longon@upmc.edu or phone at 412-647-3982 with questions.